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Octopus Navigation Ltd.

  • Одесса, ул. Люсдорская дорога, 162-Б
  • 380487-891-685
  • ISO 9001 /
  • 3 / оценок: 2

The underlying principle of foundation of Octopus Navigation was to combine best practice and vast experience of management in high-quality maritime services with a huge pool of well-educated and skilled Ukrainian officers. Octopus Navigation was founded by experts of maritime industry who succeeded before in various spheres of this business, however, closely connected with each other, in order to apply their experience and professional solutions in the field of manning services and maritime logistics.

The business concept of Octopus Navigation is to offer the best solutions to our partners. In any case we mobilize all available resources to achieve a positive result. Development of solutions is incorporated into the company`s policy and is an integral part of it.

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