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  • Нави Мумбаи, 1203, Maithili Signet Premises CHS Ltd., Opp. Inorbit Mall, Near Vashi Station, Sector-30/A, Plot No. 39/4, Vashi
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Vigil Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. is a crewing agency with offices in India, Ukraine, UAE and affiliate partners across the world. Our personnel's maritime experience, competency and continuous education, together with our extensive knowledge and experience in the Maritime Industry, enable us to provide high quality value for money services. Specialized and reliable company in ship crew management and recruitment providing tailor-made services to our clients employing experienced and qualified personnel to run and / or repair their ships safely and efficiently. Following our passion, we are always offering our Principals high value customized packages of crewing schemes, various nationalities of qualified manpower (Seafarers from the highest Officer to the lowest Rating), training options, a variety of innovative services and a set of crew welfare services. Linking employee’s loyalty with customer’s loyalty a mission statement has been generated to treat our customers with integrity and respect towards their assets and their preference to our service provision. Our know-how provides Expedient Services, Reliability, Trustworthiness and Quality to its clients, all over the world, 24 hours a day. A wide range of traditional and innovative services are available, following our principle of customized servicing to our clients. The commitment to operate the Fleet trusted to us safely and the delivery of excellent quality services to our customers are defined in our policy statement and implemented in all our processes and services. In today's Shipping Industry most businesses seek Quality and Efficiency at affordable costs. Throughout the world, the search for cheaper labour cost, especially in some countries where cheap yet competent labor continues to scarce, a good idea would be to look for human resources in developing countries. Vigil Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. employs Russian, Indian, Vietnamese, Ukrainian & Filipino crew who operate the vessel in accordance with the highest quality, security and ecology standards. We recruit Seamen for all types of cargo vessels but mainly focused on Oil, Product & Chemical Tankers. Crew Retention and Pool Creation are of course other key components of our service delivery. Our high retention Rates are driven by planned career development paths which are mapped out for individual crew members: paths which include opportunities for promotion within a large managed fleet. Our existing pools are likely to increase due to extremely high interest in Russia, India, Vietnam, Ukraine & Philippines for seagoing career, Officers and Ratings inclusive. Listed Principals in NASDAQ trust their fleets under our management.

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