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Hermes Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd

  • Махараштра, 1001 / 1002, 10th Floor, Great Eastern Summit - B, Plot No.66, Sector-15, C.B.D. - Belapur Navi Mumbai
  • 91 22 6690 0900 /01/02/03
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Our major clients are active players in the global shipping industry and in order to offer them a first-class service wherever their vessels and assets are located, atHermes Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. we have steadily increased our own global network of Service Delivery Centers, Port Agents and local offices to provide expert service competence on demand - worldwide.

Our specialists' years of shipping-sector experience both onboard and onshore, backed up by Hermes Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.'s rigorous ongoing training and best practice exchange networks, means you can count on us to deliver the very best advice on your specific issue in the shortest possible time.

Hermes Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. offers a highly comprehensive range of services. In addition to our traditional core services of

  • Technical Management
  • Crew Management
  • Towage and Salvage
  • Value Added Services
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