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  • Хельсингборг, Oceangatan 3
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Triton Shipping AB was founded in the summer of 1988 by Capt Stig Sjöberg and ChEng Bengt Werthwein. The first cargo vessel was purchased at this time named Rania. It was a 2200 tdw drycargo vessel and was flying the Swedish flag. Since that time Triton Shipping AB has owned and MANAGED over 20 Dry Cargo vessels and 20 Super/Expedition and Offshore ships. In 1993 the Chartering office in Köge DK WindShipping ApS was founded with partner and Director; mr Peter Wind. This office has been a great success and charters many exclusive dry cargo vessels today having 5 persons working full time. The SHARES owned in Windshipping APS where all sold in 2006. From 3 up to 7 vessels simultaneously are MANAGED from this office. Since 1997 we managed Explorer/Expedition, MegaYacht and Offshore type ships. At present this has become core activitity as well as the Sale & Purchase team making good progress in tanker and offshore segments in addition to Drycargo ship sales.

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