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DGS Maritime Crewing Agency

  • Риека, Milutina Barača 7 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
  • 38551626019;38551628088
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DGS crewing agency DGS is a maritime crewing agency founded in 1995 in Rijeka, Croatia. Our personnel's maritime experience and continuous education, together with innovative technology, enable us to provide the high quality services. Our vision Our vision is to create our own skillful vessel crew who we can rely on, and our mission is to provide that crew with the high quality work environment. Our priority is the care for our people and we try to create partnership relations with all our seafarers. We have a highly professional approach to all our partners and the Agency's business is in accordance with all legal and quality regulations. Such principles have made DGS a desirable and reliable maritime partner, a company where seafarers build long lasting careers.

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