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Low cost recruitment for ship Owners. NO FEES for candidates: we do not collect administrative fees, agency fees, or processing fees from candidates applying for a position, or in order to obtain an interview, position or ship assignment. SEA JOBS CONSTANTA is an international recruiting Agency from Romania, which offers: - SKILLED RATINGS - EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL OFFICERS - EXCELLENT MASTERS - CHIEF ENGINEERS All the above positions have full Documents and International Certificates ( STCW, IMO ). By using our database record, SEA JOBS CONSTANTA provide full crews for Offshore Vessels, AHTS, Supply Vessels, Cruise Ships, Bulk Carrier, Container, General Cargo, Crew Boat, Tug Boat, Ferry, RO-RO Pax. On receiving Your request on crew, we proceed as it follows: - Crew members are carefully selected depending on their experience, competence, fitness and comprehension of the English Language. - Prospective applicants are sent to Ship Owner. After that, in consultation with the Owner, the designated Crew Superintendent selects and enagages the Officers and Ratings for each Vessel.

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