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Norinco Private Limited

  • Махараштра, 301 Orbit Plaza, New Prabhadevi Road, Prabhadevi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025
  • 911123379532/23378960
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Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Norinco was founded in 1942.The company has interests in the shipping, oil & gas and metallurgical industries by means of providing equipment, engineering, project management, services and manufacturing. Marine Equipment Norinco represents major international marine equipment manufacturers like Kongsberg Maritime, Ulstein, TTS, to name a few. Our principals benefit from our decades-long experience with Indian shipbuilding, oil and gas and government agencies. Norinco manufactures a range of Oceanographic sampling equipment from its facilities in Chennai. Through its joint venture with Maritime Montering AS, Norway, Maritime Montering Norinco India (MARINOR) is India's foremost turnkey provider of complete Marine & offshore accommodation systems. Service Devision- ISO 9001 DNV certified Norinco’s team of engineers, based in India’s maritime hubs of Mumbai, Chennai and Cochin, are trained by OEMs in installation, commissioning and maintenance of ship equipment and ship-building equipment, and are proficient in specialist fields such as dynamic positioning systems and ship transfer systems. We also offer ’around the clock’ operation and maintenance service under our ‘annual maintenance contract’ for all shipboard research equipment.Through its specialized AMC division , Norinco is the only company in India that provides comprehensive maintenance services 24/7, 365 days a year for extremely sophisticated equipment onboard India’s premier Science and research vehicles.

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