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Naz Maritime Services PVT LTD

  • Махараштра, Rose Manor, Ground Floor, Central Avenue, Santacruz (W) Mumbai, Maharashtra 400054
  • 91(022)3192 3193
  • 4,3 / оценок: 3

Naz Maritime Services, registered as ISO 9001:2008 and CMO Part 2 (MLC 2006) is a certified organization, bearing license No. RPSL-MUM-130. We have sailed a long way since our inception in 1988. The founder, the late Capt. V. Nazareth had a clear vision for the company,“No dream is insurmountable.” The Nazareth family continues to keep that passion alive, ensuring NMS as a major player in the business of surveying, ship recruitment and management of personnel. In the quest for achieving perfection we have arrived at excellent results and gained a wealth of experience. By setting ourselves high standards and employing diverse strategies, we enabled the flexibility needed for a viable and profitable business operation. Our goals are simple. Consistent customer satisfaction, efficient services, safety awareness and of course, a commitment to quality. These attributes have led to our steady and sustainable growth through responsible business. We believe that a sharp focus on conception and innovation as well as energetic and positive workforce help in productivity and output. Employee retention strategies have also enabled us to achieve great results. We encourage team motivation. In using realistic approaches, we aim for every member of the NMS family to excel and realize their dreams. We are convinced that future growth is built on the foundation of believing that the impossible is, in fact, a real and tangible possibility. Located in the hub of the suburban district in Mumbai, our base lies in close proximity to both the international and domestic airports. With strategically located offices within India and Europe, under very able Masters and Chief Engineers, we have established a reputation in the field of marine surveying, crew sourcing, recruitment, manning and management of personnel.

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