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  • Сингапур, 158 Cecil Street #10-01 Singapore 069545
  • 6563-336-577
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Incorporated in Singapore in 1981, Hong Lam Marine is one of the most established and leading bunker craft operators in Singapore. According to the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore, Singapore is the number one bunkering port in the world since 1988 (in terms of volume of bunker fuel sold). Our mission is to provide good value for clients and to be recognised for its safe operations and quality service. Hong Lam Marine is always in the forefront with newer and better tankers equipped with more advanced technology due to our resolute commitment to provide better service to our customers who are mainly oil majors. As of October 2015, we operate a fleet of 35 tankers with a total tonnage of 290,605 DWT. The average age of the tankers is 6.5 years. 14, 4, 3 and 1 tankers are operating within the Singapore Harbour, United Arab Emirates, Australia and Malaysia respectively. The other 13 tankers operate in international waters. Our tankers are primarily used by our customers to perform bunkering within Singapore port limits, and the transportation of chemicals and other products within Asia and to the Middle East. Our key strength is in our unique role as a service provider. We do not engage in oil trading. We operate and maintain our tankers to the highest standards in all aspects including Safety & Security, Technical & Marine Operations, Marine Personnel and Cargo Operations. There are currently 120 members of staff in our office with the crew strength of about 630. Working as a team, we have established a track record with a reputation for safety in the Singapore marine industry. Meeting our customer’s needs is our number one priority. We have a young fleet of high quality tankers, and our fleet is upgraded on a regular basis to meet the demands of our clients and the shipping industry. We have rapidly expanded our fleet in recent years through the building of new tankers and acquisition to meet customer requirements and replace our older tankers.

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