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Seatrans Chemical Tankers

  • Парадиз, Wernersholmvegen 5 N-5232 Paradis
  • 4755-923-200
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Seatrans Chemical Tankers offers a high quality range of distribution solutions for liquid chemicals. Our customers are the worlds major chemical producers who require in depth knowledge of cargo handling, optimized trading patterns and ship designs which ensures delivery of their products on time. The Seatrans group is a fully integrated shipowning and shipmanagement company. Seatrans Chemical Tankers manages all aspect of the Seatrans controlled chemical tankers including commercial, operational and accounting. We continuously seek efficient and effective transport solutions for our customers. Our dedicated staff is experienced and skilled in all facets of our services with particular focus on 1st class handling of the wide range of sensitive chemicals that our customers distribute. We manage risk by continuously seeking the right balance between long term contracts and the spot market. Seatrans Chemical Tankers handle TC contracts, vetting, operations, demurrage and accounting solutions. Our shipping professionals utilize their expertise to secure added value for our customers in the chemical industry.

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