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INOK Karelia TM Ltd.

  • Санкт-Петербург, Невский проспект, 104-A, БЦ «TEMPO», офис 212
  • 7(812)3468393; 7(812)4019920; 7(8142)577469
  • ISM Code and ISO 9000-series /
  • 3,1 / оценок: 20

The crewing agency INOK Karelia TM Ltd. is of modern structure and uses up-to-date systems and routines, satisfying all requirements ensuring safe operation of vessels, including Safety Management System based on the ISM Code and ISO 9000-series.

The Company has formed strategic alliances and agreements with well established shipping and logistical agencies in West and East Europe and prides itself on offering a well experienced and balanced full marine service to our clients.

Starting from January 2014 our company is taking in technical management 6 new building handysize bulk carriers of 37500 tons deadweight.

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