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Ace Tankers CV

  • Амстердам, Strawinskylaan 1057 , Tower D , Level 10 1077XX
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Shipping over two million metric tons annually, Ace Tankers is the Owner of 20 chemical tankers ranging from 10000 to 38000 DWT. We service: liquid bulk chemicals, CPP, DPP, aromatics, acids, and oil & fats markets globally.

Ace Tankers’ fleet is comprised predominately of sophisticated stainless steel tonnage with an average age of eight years.

Technical management and crewing of our fleet is handled by Fleet Management, Vships, and Bernhard Schulte, entities with a proven track record of safety and quality.

Commitment to the highest standards of safety, quality, and service is paramount. Our operation is service oriented and contract driven. It is our responsibility to provide superior service to our customers and we ensure that their business is our business.

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