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Adhart Shipping Pte Ltd.

  • Сингапур, 78 Shenton Way,#22-00. Singapore 079120
  • 6562-200-180
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Clean Seas and Safe Ships

Adhart’s fleet and projects have full integrated support from the Executive Group, sister companies and world class technical managers Executive Ship Management (ESM) and Executive Offshore Pte Ltd (EOPL) Undertake technical and Operational management of the Adhart Fleet. Adhart, ESM and EOPL are co-located in the same offices in Singapore.

Executive have established Integrated Management System (IMS) incorporating the Quality (ISO 9001:2000), Environment Management (ISO 14001), Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) standards and ISM Code requirements. There is absolutely no compromise on the company's policy of quality, safety and environmental protection. In fact, Executive vessels regularly calling US ports have been recommended for their high standard of safety and pollution prevention measures. The Integrated Management System has been approved by DNV and Class NK.

Training forms an integral part of our safety culture and to this end our in-house training institute SIMS imparts pre-joining training and familiarization to all our seafarers. Finally audits are periodically done every six months in the office and at least yearly on our ships. This assists us to weed out system defects and to continually improve the IMS system to make it more effective and user friendly.

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