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Kaas Crew Services Ukraine

  • Одесса, ул. Черноморского Казачества, 23 оф. 34 (3й этаж)
  • 38(048)7342485;380675571618;TBN 0038(048)
  • AE 186511 /
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The clients with whom we work are looking for the best candidates to match their own high standards. Similarly, good candidates are looking for the best available position to reflect their career aspirations and needs. Therefore for Kaas Crew Services it is of utmost importance to make the right partnership so that we can satisfy both elements of our business.

Kaas Crew Services aims to be a manpower services provider for the maritime and offshore industries, which adds value. Not just pushing CV’s, but really do a thorough search to find the right candidate. We offer full crew management services, but we are also ready to find you the right candidate for the one off position.

Kaas Crew Services was launched in 2010.

Director Georges Kaas has been working in the Crewing industry for over a decade.

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