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Offshore Marine Service Association

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The Offshore Marine Service Association represents more than 225 member companies, including approximately 100 firms that own and operate marine service vessels. These sophisticated vessels, some 1200 in number, connect America with its offshore energy resources, providing every pipe, wrench, computer, barrel of fuel, and gallon of drinking water to rigs and platforms, as well as transporting tens of thousands of workers to and from the facilities. This critical flow of supplies keeps the heart of America's energy industry pumping around the clock.

In addition to its members that own and operate vessels, OMSA’s associate members include shipyards, surveyors, vessel equipment manufacturers and distributors, even financial institutions, attorneys, and accountants.

OMSA is the voice for this important and vibrant industry, representing its members’ interests before Congress, the Coast Guard, and federal, state and local officials.

Throughout its history, OMSA has successfully represented the industry on regulatory and legislative issues including vessel inspections, crewing, licensing, and international safety treaties.

Today OMSA works to ensure the vitality and stability of this essential industry.

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