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We are your partner for Engineering services for offshore wind farm projects and industrial steel construction. A capable and creative team delivers efficiently solutions for foundations, offshore equipment and tools for the offshore industry. Furthermore we draw up complete wind farm layouts for foundation structures from the basic design to completion of all certifable necessary documents according to the 2. BSH release. Buildings, plants and devices for industrial uses and shipbuilding components are in our portfolio as well.

Our team consist of experienced engineers for shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and steel construction. We deliver services in extensive portfolio ranges from initial draft to highly detailed design stages. Due to our large experience in all matters of the steel and metal industries we are able to deliver very cost efficient design concepts and logistic solutions for small and large projects.

On our way to a tailor-made solution for your projects we do not hesitate to go new paths to find the optimum. In the past three years we have applied for 28 patents in the field of the offshore technology and steel construction.

Sincerely Yours

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