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Sirius Shipping

  • Donsö, Hamnvag 38, 430 82
  • +46 31-97 33 30; 46 31-97 33 40; 46 31 97 33 42
  • 3,8 / оценок: 6

Sirius Shipping performs safe and efficient transports of oil and chemical products innorthern Europe.

A partnership with Sirius Shipping strengthens your capacity.

We take pride in safely handling and shipping your products with high efficiency and with minimal impact on the environment. Sirius Shipping challenges all employees to find room for improvements and to implement changes, we always question what we do and we are never satisfied, this way we are able to meet and exceed your highest expectations. 

The company was founded in 1994 by the Backman family. Sirius Shipping is a shipping company built by people who knows traditional shipping but is not afraid to do things in a different way. The management is in-house and there is a close integration between the vessels and the organisation ashore.

With eleven modern and well maintained chemical/tanker vessels in the North- and Baltic Sea trade and 1 LNG Supply vessel in to port of Stockholm. Sirius Shipping has made a name for themselves as a competent and proffessional Shipping/management company.

Sirius Shipping AB and associated partners from the shipping industry are known for having vast knowledge about managing vessels and meeting the demands of today.

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