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Global Recruitment Agency

  • Буэнос-Айрес, Bouchard 577/599 - Suite: 20 - C1106ABG Ciudad Aut?noma de Buenos Aires
  • 54 11 4850 1201; 54 11 4850 1351
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Global Recruitment Agency specializes in selecting and recruiting enterprising and adventurous young people/professionals who wish to be part of the “on board experience” in the cruise industry. We are a consolidated group of ex-crew members with over ten years of experience on board. Our agency was established to provide cruise lines and professionals, with the highest quality service, fulfilling the needs and expectations of both. Our on board experience guarantees a personalised and customised service developed just for you. We have been there!

The hiring process is completely FREE. GRA does not charge any fee to candidates in concept of interview or embarkation process. We are Cruise Lines’ representatives. 

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