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Seatrade Shipmanagement B.V.

  • Гронинген, Leonard Springerlaan 17, 9727 KB Groningen
  • 31 (0) 50 5215399; 31 (0) 50 5215300
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Seatrade Shipmanagement B.V. is a leading shipmanager of a diverse fleet of vessel types. Presently, the Netherlands-based company has 70 vessels in full and 10 vessels in partial management including those of its 100% owned German shipmanagement company Triton Schiffahrts GmbH, Seatrade Groningen B.V. Italy and Seatank Management B.V.

Customers safely entrust their investment to the care of our dedicated and hands-on staff. Committed to delivering the best possible performance, we look after their investment as if it was our own. We value this approach since 1951.


A capable, well-trained crew onboard is the key factor in successfully operating a vessel. The human factor is of high importance to the Seatrade Group. Throughout the years, we have distinguished ourselves by cultivating our own pool of seamen who are well-educated and trained to provide quality service.

We offer:

  • Directly controlled crew sources
  • Retention rate of over 98%
  • Crew clusters assigned to vessels
  • Targets for all ranks to promote within the company
  • Cadet program

The Seatrade office is able to provide complete crews or a few crew members only. Most of our crew members are Dutch, Filipino or Russian and are sourced through Avior. The Avior offices in the Philippines and Russia control a large database of 2500 seafarers for Seatrade and third-party vessels. All logistic and administrative activities are coordinated by the office in Groningen.

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