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  • Одесса, пл. Екатерининская, 6, оф. 16
  • 38(0482)34-75-73; 34-77-84
  • АВ 547295 МТиСПУ / 09.09.2010
  • 3,9 / оценок: 15

Staff Centre Сrewing Company acknowledges that the employment of competent crew is one of the most important factor in order to provide the safety of life at sea, the protection of maritime environment and avoidance of damage or loss of the ship and its cargo. Our policy is to obtain the best possible standards of crew through selection, assessment and training in close cooperation with our Principals.

Crew members are personally selected and prospective applicant carefully screened to verify their experience, competence, fitness and comprehension of English prior to employment enlistment.

Staff Centre has its own large database of seafarers, selected, carefully tested for competence and knowledge of English. Our qualified Staff provides recruitment services in accordance with STCW 78/95, ISO 9001:2008 and customer's requirements. Staff Centre services including but not limited to arranging any types of visas, medical examination, flag state STCW related documents, working clothes, tickets to various destinations worldwide, as well as render any assistance to seafarers including transportation by air, land and sea as well as railway and bus services in Ukraine.

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