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Alfa Crewing Bureau JSC

  • Клайпеда, Jono 4-3, LT-91247
  • 370 46 471575; 370 645 02672
  • 3,2 / оценок: 4

Alfa Crewing Bureau JSC is coordinating employment of qualified and certified seamen to all types of vessels (cargo, fishing, accommodation and many others) under many different international flags as well as all kind of well experienced workers ( fitters, welders, builders, carpenters, painters and catering crew) for shipyards and onshore activities. We can establish contacts between Baltic shipyards and ship owners. We have a highskilled technical supervisor with experience in supervision during dry docking, sandblasting, painting, rebuilding, ship repair and maintenance work. We are working in both crewing and posting way for your service.

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