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Marine Bureau Ltd

  • Одесса, пр-кт. Александровский 4, офис 12
  • 38(0482)347752; (0482)347813; fax: +38(0482)347941
  • № АВ 547362 МТиСП Украины / 28.12.10
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The company Marine Bureau Ltd was established under name Marine Freight Bureau Ltd in February 1999 and started business as ship managers and freight brokers. The company successfully operated two bulk carriers, belonged to Grid Group that time. Later on 16 vessels of different type (including coastal traders, general cargo / multipurpose vessels and handysize bulk carriers) joined the fleet of Grid Group under management of our company.

The management system of the company is certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (Certificate № 15.359.180 dated 14.08.2015) as has been found to be in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

The crewing department of «Marine Bureau» offers qualified seafarers and specialists of any rank and profession. We are fully licensed by Ukrainian government for crewing activities (№ АА 149218 dated 26.11.02, renewed № АБ 220111 dated 26.12.05, renewed № АВ 547362 dated 28.12.10 for unlimited period).

We are offering following services:

  • selection and engagement of the vessels' crew;
  • medical and qualification documents verification;
  • crew repatriation arrangements;
  • trade union negotiations;
  • arrangement of Flag State endorsement for seafarers certificates.
  • The agency is in direct contact with many ukrainian seafarers. Most of them cooperate with us for a long time, being employed by the agency for different vessels in different time with good references. This is our policy to offer employers reliable seafarers only. Nevertheless we are open for newcomers, who have to demonstrate good qualification and skill and provide positive references from the previous employer. We used to check the application forms and references before offering the candidates. On request of Owners/Managers we are able to provide several candidates and leave the option to choose the right person for Owners/Managers, if necessary. The Principals may have direct interview with the candidates via Skype.
Important to mention, that there are Maritime Academy and 3 Maritime Colleges in Odessa, which graduate new fleet offices every year, who are keen to work and be promoted. This allows to have wide net of specialists of different maritime professions available for employment. Besides we can provide cadets for the vessels, who can successfully work on board as ratings for less money.
  • The agency guarantee, that all officers and ratings have internationally recognized diploma, certificates and other documents, as required by STCW'95. This is verified via Ukrainian Ministry of Transport Inspectorate for Training and Certification of Seafarers. We usually conduct pre-employment medical examination, which ensure that crew members fit for service. Besides all seafarers are subject to alcohol and drug test before employment to ensure they are not alcohol/drug dependent. The candidates are passing English tests also, to ensure the officers can easy communicate in English and ratings understand English on the level, necessary for service.
  • The agency arranges crew/individual movement to/from the vessel in any part of the world. We have good relations with different traveling agencies, which allow to arrange joining/repatriation of seafarers in time and cost saving way. We take care about visa arrangements and immigration formalities also. The agency can provide for the seafarers, traveling on board with good quality and low price working clothes, having any desired logo.
  • The agency provides crew for vessels under national flags on the basis of owners' employment contract. Besides, if necessary, we may take care about collective agreement and union negotiations in case the vessel flies the flag of convenience.
  • The agency arranges without delay Flag State endorsement for seafarers' certificates, dealing with major Maritime Administrations, with whom Ukraine has signed Memorandum of certificates recognition.

    All details in respect of Crewing Agency agreement terms and conditions are available upon request.

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