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  • Odessa, ул. Маразлиевская, 2, офис 1
  • +38(048)7875083;+38(048)7340201
  • 4,6 / оценок: 5

VARAMAR was created in 2009 to offer semi-liner and tramp services for transportation of cargo by sea.

Among the cargo carried are heavy & oversized units, project cargo & generals, ro-ro equipment and containers, steels and bulk.

Varamar is open for partnership and cooperation with Owners and Investors with the aim of finding best employment for various fleet types ranging from Multipurpose to Panamax.

As a Commercial Manager, Varamar offers:

  • Employment of Commercially Managed Fleet on existing semi-liner and tramp services
  • Sales & Marketing of Commercially Managed Fleet
  • Chartering & Documentation support
  • Operational & Engineering supervision of loading/discharge operations
  • Reporting & Analysis of Fleet performance
  • Unique, Transparent & Tailor made Commercial Management solutions.
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