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Deniz Maritime Ltd

  • Одесса, ул. Ланжероновская 24А, оф.21
  • +38 048 736-60-06
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The company “Deniz Maritime Ltd” was founded to provide services for the selection of highly qualified, educated and experienced Crew members for work on different types of ships. All sailors meet the requirements of STCW’95 complying with all IMO / ISPC / ISM rules and regulations.

Highly skilled managers who speak English fluently and have work experience with world known ship-owners to engage the selection of sailors.

There are also certified trainers with perennial work experience on positions of Chief engineer and Master, who personally prepare sailors. All our employees have a huge experience in other crewing which was engaged in the selection of staff for various types of ships such as Bulk carriers, Tankers, Offshore, Passenger ships. We have gathered the best specialists to compete at the labor market.

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